ragingbitchfest: Ok, my blog definitely needs some black robins…


Ok, my blog definitely needs some black robins today.

Uhhh, so black robins have basically the best conservation story ever. In 1980 there were only five of these birds left, with only one fertile female. That’s the little lady in the bottom picture, Old Blue. …Who I have a tattoo of… because of reasons. The following reasons, as a matter of fact.

Anyway, so this guy named Don Merton who is basically my hero stepped in when everyone else threw in the towel, and he was like, “Well let’s try something.” And they tried something, and it worked. Now there’s a population of a couple of hundred of them, and since they live exclusively on these tiny islands off New Zealand, that’s a fairly decent population.

When every environmental story I see is bad, I try to think of black robins, because maybe we can’t save everything, but we can at least try.

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