colchrishadfield: Catching up from a few days back. Cuz, you…


Catching up from a few days back.

Cuz, you know, real life can get in the way of Tumblr sometimes.


Edit: Examining the photos more closely:

  • Who, given the opportunity, wouldn’t be tempted to snap a selfie with their microflow cytometer?
  • Is there a Velcro dot stuck to the bottom of that piece of fruit? What kind of fruit is that, anyway? Weird-looking apple?
  • Ooh, sweet moonrise.
  • That is some pretty water there. I wonder where it is? I like how that one boat is leaving a visible line of darker, deeper water in its wake.
  • Zero-G reverse pullups?
  • Yeah, still thinking apple. And yeah, that is a Velcro dot. I guess it’s handy for keeping your snack from floating away to the other side of the station. And I wonder: When they’re almost done with the apple, do they pull off the Velcro and eat that last part? Are they re-using the Velcro? Or do they ship the fruit up there with the Velcro pre-affixed, and just toss it with the core when they’re finished? Seems like it’d be kind of wasteful to use all that rocket fuel to boost an apple to orbit, and not eat the whole thing.
  • Another selfie with the same cytometer now out of its bag? Or another one? What’s this obsession about photos with cytometers, anyway? For that matter, what’s a cytometer? (Oh. Thanks, Wikipedia.) Wonder what they’re using it for?
  • Ooh, ooh! I recognize that part of the planet. It’s the Isle of Wight. I’ve never been, but I know it from geeking out over nautical charts associated with Cowes Race Week. (I spent significant time during a misspent youth racing imaginary sailboats in waters I’d never seen.)
  • The Solent and Southampton. Like I said. Tricky currents there, reportedly.
  • “I suppose you’re wondering why I’ve gathered you all here today.”

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