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Justin Timberlake hosting Saturday Night Live for the 5th time on 3/9/13


I’m an original-cast snob, because that was what I grew up with and it was sometimes stupid, yes, but also often over-the-top hilarious. And memories of being at parties with my high school friends and gravitating to the part of the room where SNL was being shown (this was the 1970’s, children, and we didn’t have no stinkin’ DVR/VCR; you watched it when it was on and you liked it) to watch Ackroyd  and Belushi and Morris and Murray and Newman and Radner (and okay; Chase, though he was my least-favorite) forms an indelible part of my memory of that time of my life.

But with all that said, I will always watch Justin Timberlake hosting. Because more than anyone else I’ve seen on the show lately, he makes me feel like I’m watching something that matches my probably-unrealistically-enhanced-by-nostalgia memories of the original show.

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