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Portraits of People Posing with Their Passions and Pastimes

Jack Daly, a photographer at the University of Portsmouth in the UK, is working on a portrait project titled People with Passions. Each photograph in the series features a person posing with the objects of their passion (e.g. things associated with their interests, pursuits, and pastimes).

The portrait above is of Portsmouth resident Matt Sills, who’s passionate about photography.

Daly tells us that it started out as a small and simple idea at first:

It started small and snowballed quite quickly into a large project, where some unique and impressive people started contacting me to be involved. People seem to love the idea and the simplicity, as well as learning about the person in each shots life in one image.

These photos inspire me. Not that I necessarily share the particular interests of these people. But the unashamed love they show for the objects around them makes me feel better about my own obsessions.

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