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the best interview you’ll ever see

This is so weird. And the “let me just answer all the questions I know you’re going to ask” is so perfect. I love her so much.

I PASSED HER ON THE STREET IN NYC ONCE. I heard her voice cuz she was on the phone and my head just immediately shot up and I was like YES MILA KUNIS and that’s the whole story.

Also, when did she work as a bartender??? She started That 70s Show before she was even 18. I can’t imagine she’d have had to work as a bartender after doing that show for however many years.

I love that he just kept going, and she just kept encouraging it. Fantastic!

Wow. That was just like watching Notting Hill. I mean, pretty much exactly. Except 1) it was only 7 minutes long, and 2) I had to imagine the climactic sequence when his lads race with him to the press conference so he can tell her he’s been a daft prick.

If someone in Hollywood is not right this second lining up financing for the remake starring the two of them I will be seriously disappointed.

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