runningwithrocksalt: Let’s look into this: “Pemberley Digital’s Domino storytelling and…



Let’s look into this:

“Pemberley Digital’s Domino storytelling and communication application…”

“…the uniqueness of this application makes our potential almost limitless…”

“We believe that Domino presents an exciting and dynamic channel of narrative documentation and communication. We will be seeking new partners aggressively and immediately.” (These quotes are all from here)

Who @PemberleyDigital is following: @DisneyPictures, @ILMVFX, and @DisneyPixar (To get descriptions of these accounts, go here

Also, from the demo videos themselves Gigi said that “the app’s recording system picks up on what’s interesting based on facial expressions and vocal expressions”. (Here)

From all of this evidence, I think it’s pretty clear what The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is trying to do with Domino and Pemberley Digital:

Domino is going to be used to tell stories. 

Not only is it an app that promotes transmedia but makes it EASY; you can access twitter, texts, videos, and who knows what else. 

Pemberley Digital is taking their newest application, Domino, which was highly successful after “the demonstration pilot roared to over 1 million total views spread out across six videos”, and now Pemberley Digital is going to take that success to the next level and put Domino to some good use, and that means using it to tell stories. It is, after all, considered a narrative application that picks up on interesting facial expressions and vocal inflections. 

And who do we know who has better facial expressions and vocal inflections than our very own Lizzie Bennet?

Domino is almost nearly specifically designed for Lizzie’s specific skill set; Domino needs someone who is great at telling stories, who can make any menial story into something compelling and interesting enough for the application to pick up on. She has nearly one hundred videos that have reached the success of over 20,000,000 views on YouTube, she is active across nearly all social media aspects including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and she’s already set up groundwork at Pemberley Digital after her internship, where she’s made connections with the people there, seen how things work, and has expressed delight and interest in everything that Pemberley Digital is doing.

Obviously, and I think the whole fandom agrees with this, this is going to be what brings Lizzie back to Pemberley Digital. But as for what her job is going to be, I think it’s been made nearly painfully obvious that the company of Pemberley Digital is very soon going to become heavily involved in the business of transmedia and narrative storytelling, in ANY fashion, be it their own adaptations of other works, personal or public vlogs, original stories, or anything else they may come up with.

I, for one, can’t wait to see what Bernie Su and his creative team are going to come up with next.

I’m not sure about the details, but I think this pretty much has to be true.

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