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OK, I love her, but Jen, be classy for FIVE seconds.

Fully disagree. She can do what she wants. And she has been classy for more than five seconds. Plenty of the time. This is just not those five seconds.

I was too busy staring at her dress to notice. God that thing is beautiful.

It wouldn’t surprise if she wanted to take that gesture back if she had the night to live over again. The photo sequence I saw showing her own immediate reaction suggests she felt that way as soon as the flashbulbs went off.

The thing I’ve loved the most about seeing her acceptance speeches and interviews throughout the awards season (and yeah, maybe I’ve become a little obsessed) is her willingness to just be herself and respond honestly as best she can in the moment despite what must be fairly surreal circumstances. I think she’s been classy for months now, pretty much nonstop, and if she slipped up and made an impulsive choice in that one moment it doesn’t erase that, at least not for me.

Let the haters pile on. I don’t doubt that some people will see an opportunity in this image to burst the little bubble that’s surrounded her lately. (And I’m not saying Kylie is doing that. I’m talking about other people.) But to those people I say, fuck off. She doesn’t owe you that. I think she did just fine.

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