john no omfg im going to die i need this url

Aw, sweetie. The sad fact is, we’re all going to die. But you have every prospect of a long, wonder-filled life before that happens. Even better: Actuarial realities being what they are, chances are excellent that I’ll die first, which means that even if I persist in hogging the ‘lies’ URL to the bitter end, you’re at most looking at three or four decades (maybe less) before it becomes available.

I’ll tell you what: Next time I revise my will, I’ll add a section directing my executor to take whatever steps are necessary to make sure the ‘lies’ tumblr URL is released back into the wild in a timely manner after I’m gone. Maybe I could even set up some kind of orderly succession, where we pick someone now to designate as the recipient. Or we could specify that there be a random drawing, or some other suitable contest. Hm…

I’m going to think about this some more.

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