I am wondering what you would consider a reasonable amount of money for your url?

Hm. In the past I’ve been coy about that, since the first rule of negotiating is that whoever states a number first is losing. But setting that aside, I guess I could give an outrageously high number, and we could negotiate from there?

Actually, though, I’m not sure a “reasonable” amount of money for the URL is something we’re going to be able to come up with. I’m kind of unreasonable in my attachment to it. Still: Let’s take the plunge.

I would be willing to sell the ‘lies’ Tumblr URL to the first person willing to pay me $100,000 for it. I’d almost certainly be willing to sell it for a lot less. But anyone willing to pay 100K definitely gets first dibs.

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  1. arl Says:

    The URL is where the real value lies, not tumblr. Six figures? If I were a media company thinking about launching a major, memorable website or show under the name “Lies”, or something sufficiently similar that “lies.com” would help that effort, that might easily fall in my budget. Similarly if I were trying to launch some sort of fashion line. But i would also consider memorable variants – synonyms, additional words, or other TLD’s (e.g., .net), and the difficulty that could arise from trying to trademark a single word would factor into my decision. Outside of those spheres, it’s cute and memorable, but does not seem likely to contribute to revenues.

    But I wouldn’t approach you as a media company, any more than Apple was forthright when it purchased the ipad URL. The value of a URL to any given buyer is related to the purpose to which the buyer intends to put it – and buyers who put a high value on a URL are going to try to keep you from figuring that out.

  2. jbc Says:

    Yeah, actually, I had someone pestering me to buy lies.com who was at least pretending to be willing to pay me $10,000 for it. He was kind of evasive about what he actually wanted it for; it could have been an agent for some commercial venture.

    These items I’m reposting lately from my tumblr blog are just me having fun with the youngsters who like to trade tumblr URLs like baseball cars.

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