You took down the commentary part of your LBD spreadsheet? In the least creepy way ever (I mean I was shamelessly creeping on it pretty often when I needed a LBD fix but didn’t have the time to invest watching them all), I’m devastated. :(

Haha. No, I just temporarily hid that column so I could see both left and right sides of the data, then forgot to unhide it. I didn’t realize that formatting controlled what anonymous viewers could see. Sorry about that.

Creepy mode is now re-enabled. Thanks for checking it out.

Spreadsheet confession: I always notice when Google Docs tells me there’s someone else viewing it while I’m working on it. It makes me ridiculously happy. But then sometimes I figure out that the “other” person I’m seeing is really just another browser window of my own, which I’ve left open accidentally. Then I just feel ridiculous.

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