Predictions that are likely incorrect about Wickham


There have been a lot of discussions floating around on Wickham—what the hell his motivations are, why his actions have been seemingly inexplicable more often than not, etc. etc.

I’m going to put out a half-formed theory I have, before today’s episode comes out and, in all likelihood, quashes it.

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This ties everything together really well. Sometimes a prediction feels really awesome to me, and I hope it’s true, but then it turns out not to be and I realize in hindsight that it was my desire for it to be true that was making me think it was likely.

This one feels different. It ties in a lot of what would otherwise be loose ends, and in doing so delivers a version of the story that strongly evokes Austen’s Wickham. So I want this to be true, because it’s awesome, but I think it may actually be true, because it makes so much sense.

Following Ren sometimes makes me feel both comparatively stupid and undeservedly fortunate. This is one of those times.

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