“Disagreeing politically with president Obama doesn’t itself make one a racist. Feel free to…”

“Disagreeing politically with president Obama doesn’t itself make one a racist. Feel free to criticize his economic principles, political philosophy, executive policies, inconsistencies, worldview, and the like. As with all presidential administrations, those are important issues requiring much attention. But variously describing the president as socialist, communist, fascist, gay, Muslim, and atheist does pretty well preclude intelligent thought. At that point you’re nonsensically pasting pejoratives together, thereby declaring to all that you’re a belligerent, ignorant fool who’s content with emotionally ranting rather than offering a careful, thoughtful analysis. It’s the adult equivalent of my calling my brother a big butthead when he broke my Heavy Duty G.I. Joe action figure. And I’ll be so bold as to say you’re certainly not helping the cause of Christ’s Kingdom with such conduct. Evangelical theologian Richard Mouw has wisely noted, “A lot of people today who have strong convictions are not very civil and a lot of people who are civil don’t have very strong convictions. What we really need is convicted civility.” Allow me to suggest that convicted civility that evidences a simultaneous commitment to truth and love, principle and graciousness is the better way forward. If you’re going to criticize president Obama, at least do it honorably and well.”

Conservative Christians: If You’re Going to Criticize Obama, at Least Do It Well (via azspot)

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