LBD and “The Book Was Waay Better Than The Movie”



if you have to completely ignore the source material to enjoy an adaptation

it’s not a very good adaptation…….

This. This sentiment is so true it hurts.

I note that the inability to enjoy an adaptation without having to ignore the source material seems to be an issue only for a relatively small number of people, with those people experiencing that same problem across multiple source/adaptation pairings. Meanwhile, many other people are familiar with those sources yet seem able to enjoy the adaptations just fine.

That makes me wonder if the problem in this case might have more to do with the individuals than with the adaptations. Maybe it’s harder for some people to be open to the idea that a work can be reinterpreted in a different medium without there having to be a competition, a zero-sum game in which only one version of the narrative can be true and correct.

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