Site Down, Back Up

If you noticed a distinct lack of over the past 24 hours, that was my fault; sorry.

It’s back now. And very new-and-improved, infrastructure-wise. See my Google+ stream sometime soon for some geeky discussion of that.

Please let me know if you notice anything that’s still broken. Thanks.

Update: One problem I’ve been unable to fix, and am giving up on, is this: A handful of recent comments have disappeared. It’s not the most recent comments, but a little older than those. Apparently a set of corrupted database records involving those comments were a symptom of the fan-and-hard-drive failure that precipitated the outage.

Anyway, my apologies for that. The new setup should be more reliable going forward.

2 Responses to “Site Down, Back Up”

  1. jbc Says:

    New comments appear to be posting successfully.

  2. shcb Says:

    I’m sure anything that was lost has been said here before, manny…many…many times :)

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