Drum on Standing Up to Glenn Beck

Reading this made me think of J.A.Y.S.O.N., whom I believe has a dad who consumes a fair amount of Fox News: Standing Up To Glenn Beck.

I know this is whistling into the wind, but it’s long past time for the adults in the Republican Party to speak up about this. Glenn Beck is the Father Coughlin and the Robert Welch of his generation rolled into one, and his brand of noxious conspiracy theorizing isn’t something to be tolerated just because it produces a few useful idiots. It’s time for this to end.

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  1. shcb Says:

    and this is posted on mother jones, they’ve been doing the same thing for decades! How funny.

  2. NorthernLite Says:

    Don’t know if you all watched the Daily Show last night but there was a really funny segment where they showed what was going on in GB’s brain. Hilarious.

    And yeah, something needs to be done about this guy. I mean, we all need government skeptics and to question things but come on… this guy is just compeletly nuts.

  3. shcb Says:

    If you allow people to speak freely you run the risk someone will listen. There isn’t much you can do about that. I used to listen to Randi Rhodes on the way home some and I had the same thoughts about her, thankfully the market place took care of her but it doesn’t look like it is going to take care of Beck. He must be entertaining I guess, I don’t think I have been able to watch more than a couple minutes of him, he seems like a bad Rush impersonator from the little I’ve seen.

  4. NorthernLite Says:

    I don’t think anybody should stop him from saying what he wants, but it’d be nice if the reasonable people in the R party would speak up once in a while and call him out on some of his more crazier shit.

    I won’t hold my breath.

  5. Smith Says:

    “the reasonable people in the R party”

    I’ll take Oxymoron for $400, Trebek.

  6. shcb Says:

    They have criticized Beck, but what are you going to do? If a reasonable Democrat like Pat Caddell criticizes an unreasonable one like Al Sharpton, does Sharpton care? Of course not. So if a Ron Radosh or David Frum criticize Beck does he care? Of course not.

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