More Robots

Mainly to annoy Clark, here’s another off-topic robot posting: Headthere: robots that let you be in two places at once.

I think this is real.

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  1. ethan-p Says:

    OK, the robot is pretty cool – but that membership-based fab/machine shop really got my attention.

    I want one in my town! (Or in my home, whichever)

  2. shcb Says:

    That is cool, I only have about a quarter of that equipment crammed into a single car garage, no welding equipment though. I keep threatening to get some again but space is an issue. I’ve had two torches but both of them were stolen, I had a real nice MIG and TIG welder but they got sold with the business. My MIG welder even had a stitch welding circuit so you could set an on time and off time and just run along the piece and it would turn on and off, I never got good with that feature. The one thing I’ve always threatened to build is a forge, go old school, maybe after I retire. Oh well, off to bed, I have a frame to weld tomorrow.

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