Drum on Excess Certainty

Kevin Drum is a very smart dude: Listening to the Talking Heads. (Note: not the David Byrne Talking Heads.)

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  1. knarlyknight Says:

    Of course not David Byrne, he never stopped making sense, making sense…

    With the economy and people’s finances in free fall, this is a time when many of us pause to reassess our values — what is important to us, what really matters and how we might restructure our lives to reflect those values. Musically, many will turn to songs that convey a feeling of nostalgia — pop and rock and R&B tunes that meant a lot to people when they were younger, and the future looked brighter. I would like to propose that a future with a radically restructured GM (or possibly without GM) might be OK — it might be even better than OK, as those kinds of corporations have not had American citizens’ best interests at heart, ever. So, we turn to the values expressed in old school — and I mean really old school — gospel. Whether you believe in the geezer upstairs or not, you might enjoy these tunes. They’re also the structural foundation upon which a lot of popular music was built — a strong foundation, I might add.

    Some interesting journal entries too (“Journal” on left sidebar) at: http://www.davidbyrne.com/radio/index.php

    The man is living life.

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