RSS feeds are funky, too

And another wordpress-upgrade-related issue (I assume): The RSS feeds are broken. Sorry. Working on it.

Update: And now, I think, fixed. Huzzah.

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  1. hossman Says:

    this url suggests that fixing this may involve…

    * removing extra whitespace in wp-config.php
    * turning something called the “Feedsmith” plugin off/on (and off/on, etc…) and waiting.

  2. jbc Says:

    Changing whitespace wouldn’t seem likely to alter the PHP file, except if it was being cached and modifying it caused it to refresh. Anyway, I’ve tried that anyway, without effect.

    The Feedsmith plugin assumes one is using Feedburner, which I’m not.

  3. hossman Says:

    Hmmm… Random idea just occured to me: have you tried removing the empty /feed directory from the docroot?

    from what i remember about WordPress (and some of those posts seem to confirm this) wordpress puts rewrite rules in the .htaccess at the root of your site that says if a request comes in and it’s a file or directory that exists, let Apache serve it — otherwise rewrite it to the main PHP file for wordpress so it can be generated dynamicly.

    i’m not sure how that empty /feed dir got created in the first place, but maybe deleting it will let the dynamic feed generation code work?

    (it doesn’t have any .dotfiles in it does it?)

  4. hossman Says:

    was i right about the empty directory?

    PS: the “pocast feed” link in the right nav points to an outdated URL .. it redirects, but you might as well change it to point directly to the new url…

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