Commenting Is Funky?

The commenting system is semi-busted, in the sense that you get an error message after posting a comment. The comment is actually posted, however. I’m not sure what the story is; investigating.

Update: Should be fixed now. Thanks.


6 Responses to “Commenting Is Funky?”

  1. knarlyknight Says:


    I also noted that comments containing a link to other articles seem to be more readily accepted now that the system is semi-busted, which is actually an improvement.

  2. hossman Says:

    just for kicks, testing comment posting as an author to see if that has any affect on things

  3. hossman Says:

    JBC: having now seen what the error page looks like, i believe you should take a look at these…

  4. jbc Says:

    Is it fixed now?

  5. knarlyknight Says:


  6. knarlyknight Says:

    yes that last one went through fine.

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