Schwarz on Hillary’s 2002 Saddam Speech

I like Jonathon Schwarz a lot. Here he is talking about Hillary’s 2002 speech condemning Saddam Hussein (delivered in the run-up to her Sure, George, Go To War vote in the Senate), but talking in a larger sense about politicians’ lying and the social underpinnings of it: The Monster(s) Speak(s).

In any case, the older I get, the less I blame people like Clinton for lying. Politicians will always lie as much as their society allows. The problem here isn’t Clinton, but the layers of America underneath her. In particular I blame the upper middle professional class from whose loins I sprang. Their entire societal power derives from them – ie, doctors, scientists, managers – purportedly caring about reality. But it turns out they don’t, as long as they themselves don’t suffer.

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  1. Steve Says:

    I care about reality.

    Granted I care about my own tiny circle more than I care about the entire world, but it’s just flat out bullshit to claim that people like me don’t care about reality.

    What say we? Do we agree with Schwarz’s assessment of us?

    Maybe it’s true for the most part. What % of us do we think care about reality? I’ll take a stab and say 20%.

  2. knarlyknight Says:

    I’m not so sure we’ve ever had reality…

    Wonder whatthe world would be like now if JFK was not assassinated, a short JFK speech tells volumes:

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