Podcast 25 Podcast 25 is the “fucking jail” edition, featuring:

In response to the feedback offered by Sven, I’ve cut back on the music (but the music I included is pretty badass). No Aly and AJ; I promise.

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  1. Sven Says:

    Godspeed You Black Emporer! is badass. I look forward to downloading it Monday while I’m getting paid at work… I like your music selections normally. If you wanted to make a JBC monthly music selection podcast, I’d perhaps even subscribe. As long as you promise no more Aly and AJ. That would be awesome. Thanks!

  2. pelonpelon Says:

    Few downloads? Little feedback? I hope not for long. Throw a little advertising on the main page making it clear that the podcast is much more than a regurgitation of the site.

    What I’ve listened to so far is powerful, well produced, and a listening pleasure. I love the format. You owe a little to Ira Glass and friends, not only for content but style as well.

    When shifting from one segment to another some king of transitional cue is in order. Maybe not a full song or anything elaborate, but a recognizable clip, maybe from history (“I am not a crook”, “I have a dream”) or a repeated quote from the week (“The US government does not torture” x3) at a higher volume or just extended silence.

    I listen to a lot of podcasts. When this one plays it takes me a while to realize what I’m listening to. Maybe an opening theme song is called for.

    Please continue what you’re doing. These are keepers. Thanks.

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