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I’m throwing these in here because all of them struck me as, but I haven’t been able to tear myself away from boring crap like vacations and work and my family and local politics long enough to geek out and post them.

My apologies.

But anyway, here’s some links that I would be talking about if I were in obsessive mode:

  • Pelosi’s Choice – Thomas Nephew at the newsrack blog goes into some detail about why Nancy Pelosi is wrong to keep impeachment off the table.
  • At The Stupa, The Mystic looks at What to believe?, an analysis of the fairly narrow question of whether it can or can’t be credibly said that Bush lied about the Iraq-Saddam connection in the run-up to the Iraq War. Yes, apparently this is still a serious question going on 5 years later.
  • From the Center for American Progress, a fairly compelling little timeline thingy in which Serious Pundits (and others) offer their wisdom as to how we’re just now entering the crucial six-month phase that will decide the outcome of the Iraq war. And have been for, oh, the last 5 years or so.
  • The scariest two minutes and nineteen seconds from Bush’s press conference of today: President Bush on accountability.
  • Did you know that is the 116th-most-visited liberal weblog on the planet? I know it to be true, because a conservative weblog says so (based on Alexa data, apparently). I started off being happy that I was on the list. But I was sort of hoping to be higher than #116, so when I saw that that’s where we actually are, it made me sad. Damn you, expectations. If I could just make myself stop expecting sunshine and rainbows all the time, I wouldn’t go around being depressed about things that just are what they are. Same goes for my feelings stemming from a certain Democratic Speaker of the House’s attitude toward impeachment, now that I think about it.

Anyway, there you go: A concentrated dose of jbclinks. Kthnxbye!

4 Responses to “Links Roundup”

  1. knarlyknight Says:

    I think you forgot this one, seems at least on mainstream media journalist has been paying attention to the rapidly coalescing police state:

  2. NorthernLite Says:

    Re: The “Next Six Months” link. Absolutley brilliant. SHCB, I want you to go to that link, scroll to April 2003 and start reading all the way till present day. These are all quotes from leaders that you defend. I would like to hear your take on it, if for nothing else, a good chuckle.

    My take on it you ask? Once I saw how many times these zealots use the phrase “the next six months will be critical/crucial” I began to realize that they are doing what they do best – taking shit. They have no clue, never did. Bunch of god damn robots. Just repeating and repeating and well, whatever.

    Probably the most ironic (and sad) thing about this is the very first quote, from Rumsfeld “… I doubt it (the Iraq war) will last six months.” Then, one year later, some other goofball miltary commander or senator, “six months”, then a year after, “six months” etc, etc, etc. I can’t believe 20 some percent of Americans are stupid enough to keep buying into this horseshit.

    Seriously, wake the fuck up.

  3. enkidu Says:

    NL, as a life long IND voter, we are awake.

    I voted for GHWB the first time and I think that vote was pretty valid/smart/right/etc. I didn’t vote for him the second time and that vote for Billybob was equally valid/smart/right/etc. Anyone remember the Clinton economy? BOOM BABY! That is what competent gov gets u. True he made some wrong personal (and occassionally gov) decisions. No one bats 1000. But shrubco must be batting about a… what? 25? 3? -17?

    Look at the polling and INDs are solidly disgusted with the Rethuggles™®©. We’ll stick a Dem pres and Dem congress in charge next (barring vote stealing/diebolding/martial law). If Obama or Hillary screw up near as bad as dumbya – a tall order indeed – we’ll vote for someone else in ’10 and ’12.

    tv and shbc seem to be among the hardcore 13%ers.
    Imagining them voting Dem is indeed a dream.

    Of course, the next six months are crucial, mon!

  4. NorthernLite Says:

    Yes, the next six months are vital! (to my cannabis crop)

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