Senator Pat Roberts: Tool

Showing what a real newspaper reporter is capable of doing, Jonathan Landay of the McClatchy papers has an interesting update from Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), the newly ascended chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee: Rockefeller: Cheney applied ‘constant’ pressure to stall investigation on flawed Iraq intelligence.

According to Rockefeller, Dick Cheney regularly pressured former committee chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS) to go slow on the investigation into pre-Iraq-war intelligence failures.

“It was just constant,” Rockefeller said of Cheney’s alleged interference. He added that he knew that the vice president attended regular policy meetings in which he conveyed White House directions to Republican staffers.

Republicans “just had to go along with the administration,” he said.

It’s not a surprise. But it’s good to get it on the record.

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