The 500 Chemical Weapon Munitions We’ve Found in Iraq

Heh. I’d seen a few mentions of this leaking out from the wingnut choir. But now Rick Santorum (among other right-wing politicians) is making noise about this alleged discovery of the WMD that prove that Bush was telling the truth all along about the nature of the Iraqi threat.

Jonathon Schwarz does a good job of explaining the truth of this story using small words even a child (though not a committed ideologue, sadly) can understand: Today is the day my head finally explodes.

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  1. Craig Says:

    Aside from a few of the more reactionary conservative websites, a couple of loudmouth talking heads like Sean Hannity, and a precious few Republican politicians, there was actually a more skeptical response to these claims by Conservatives, that suggested that this was likely “not the WMD we went to war for”, as one nameless DoD official stated.

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