Froomkin Asks for Good Questions for Tony Snow

Dan Froomkin at the Washington Post is looking for some good questions to put to Tony Snow at Snow’s first White House press briefing next Monday: Prepare for Snow.

As Froomkin explains, he’s not looking for ‘gotcha’ questions, but rather for questions that let Snow demonstrate whether he really does represent a change of course for an administration that has become famous for peddling B.S. at these events.

Here are a couple of questions that Froomkin offers as examples:

* Why did Porter Goss resign as CIA director? Is the public entitled to know the real story, on the record?

* Surely you’re concerned about all the signs that the White House has lost its credibility with the American people. For instance, more than half of Americans say they don’t find the president honest or trustworthy. How does the president think that happened, and what can he do about it?

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