The Top 10 Ways To Tell if Someone is Lying To You

A public-service announcement from your friendly neighborhood The Top 10 Ways To Tell if Someone is Lying To You.

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  1. sweetdude Says:

    This is actually wrong. The supposed “tells” he talks about are not reliable markers of a liar. There have been many studies, and they have come to the conclusion that there are no reliable “tells.” Furthermore, there are some people who are “super liars,” people who for whatever reason lie often. They can pass polygraphs easily, for example. There is no portion of the population that can tell a liar better than another, except for one. Secret Service agents can tell when someone is lying with an eighty percent accuracy, far above the fifty-odd percent of the general population, possible because they are continually looking at people’s faces. As a side note, there is one psychologist out there who says he can tell when people are lying with near 100 percent accuracy. Basically, he looks at the “micro-facial” characteristics when someone is relating a story. He’s come to the conclusion that if they frown, no matter how small, and bring their eyebrows up and to the middle of their forehead, they are lying. He uses taped testimony, and slows it down to frame by frame to get the slightest motion. He is supposedly near perfect at telling liars.

  2. jbc Says:

    Heh. I was almost taken in by your claims.

    Then I realized you were lying.

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