Podcast 12

Valued reader Bob writes to ask:

Where’s the Podcast? C’mon

Bob, this is for you: podcast 12. It was recorded three weeks ago, so it has nothing at all about Cheney’s shooting accident, Katrina-related recriminations, and the Dubai port deal, but I finally got around to editing out most of the ums and pauses and loud bangs when I doofishly smacked the microphone into something.

Left in are all of the following:

  • Extended discussion of my addiction to the game Halo. (Note: At one point I’m talking about the different enemy races in the game’s campaign mode, and I inadvertantly say “Covenent” when I meant to say “Flood” — and I don’t notice it as I’m talking, so I’m correcting myself here. Anyway, listen for that.)
  • A (very little) bit about George Bush and domestic eavesdropping.
  • Movie talk about Brokeback Mountain, Sense and Sensibility, Saving Private Ryan, and Rumblefish.

Knock yourselves out.

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