Today Show’s Michelle Kosinksi’s Boat Video

Don’t miss this great footage from the Today show, as hosted by Crooks & Liars: Today Show boat photo op. In the East Coast feed, reporter Michelle Kosinksi was doing her remote about flooding in Wayne, N.J., from a boat. And in the middle of her segment, two guys walk through the foreground, making it obvious that the water was only ankle-deep.


They re-did it for the West Coast feed, shooting her standing in the water instead. Shades of that wide-angle image from the Katrina aftermath, where we could see that the reporters standing in the water as they did their bit were just standing a little ways into the water, with the camera crew on dry land, framing the shot to avoid revealing that the reporter had chosen to stand there.

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    i heh at your heh.

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    and i raise you a heh. heh heh!

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