Trailers Can Lie

I know one of jbc’s favoite themes is “Pictures Can / Can’t Lie.” So I couldn’t resist posting these spoof trailers from the folks at PS260 (A video marketing production company)…

  • The Shining – A touching family comedy about a young boy looking for a father figure, and a struggling novelist looking for meaning in his life.
  • West Side Story – A Suspense film like no other: In the summer of 1961, 14 square blocks of Manhattan were quarantined due to an outbreak of unknown origin. This is the story of those few survivors who managed to escape from The Infected.
  • Titanic – Horror on the high seas knows no limits.
  • Cabin Fever – A tale of love and loss as a terminally ill girl takes her four best friends on one last summer trip to to say goodbye.

2 Responses to “Trailers Can Lie”

  1. jbc Says:

    Heh. Yeah, I saw these the other day, and thought about linking to them, but didn’t get around to it. Thanks for taking care of that.

  2. ymatt Says:

    Haha, those are awesome. Seriously, sometimes the real trailers are hardly more accurate. From what I’ve heard, the PR firms get handed a movie reel and they have a set number of trailer formulas to stick it into that they’ve focus grouped and decided maximize audience interest.

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