Quick Updates x 3: Bush Potty Note, Gretna Bridge Cops, the St. Rita’s Deaths

No time for proper obsessive discussion, but here are a few links that offer additional detail on stories I’ve linked to recently:

  • Reuters says Bush photo not ‘malicious,’ reports wide interest at home and abroad – More about the photo of Bush’s handwritten note at the UN asking Condoleeza Rice what she thought about his need to go to the bathroom. Just so you know, I’m not claiming any sort of cosmic significance for this story. It’s just… one of those quirky little things that strikes me as kind of funny.
  • After blocking the bridge, Gretna circles the wagons – So, the majority-white residents of Gretna, LA, the community just over the Mississippi from the New Orleans Convention Center, whose police chief protected the evacuated town by refusing to let Convention Center refugees evacuate the city on foot, heartily approve of the chief’s actions. Or at least, the Gretna city council has passed a resolution supporting the chief’s decision.
  • The horror at St. Rita’s – More detail on what happened at St. Rita’s nursing home, where Tom Rodrigue’s mother was among the 34 residents who drowned on Monday, August 29.

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