BAGnewsNotes on Bush’s Potty Note

You’ve doubtless seen it already, but you haven’t really plumbed the depths of that bathroom-break note Bush wrote to Condoleeza Rice at the UN until you’ve read the BAGnewsNotes deconstruction of it: Bush’s UN-doing.

2 Responses to “BAGnewsNotes on Bush’s Potty Note”

  1. Craig Says:

    Are you sure this BAGnews guy isn’t an offshoot of The Onion???

    Assuming that he takes himself seriously, he really reveals his true stripes and amateur-ness with his bathroom note analysis. Asking for permission from Condi???? Can’t think for himself??? What crap. He obviously is asking for the proper protocol in which someone can excuse themself without causing a scene (Look, Bush is walking out in protest!!!!!). A basic procedural issue that the regular diplomats deal with there everyday.

    Are you sure this isn’t a writer from The Onion??? (If not, he should be.)

  2. trg34221 Says:

    Ok, Bush may have asked Condi were the bathroom was>> but even funnier was Buddhist temple scandle when Al Gore told the FBI during critical funding meetings he drank to much ice tea and ops had to go to the bathroom so he missed the part about asking for money at the temple, guess it wasn’t that funny it got him off the hook.

    On another note maybe Bush could have used the ice tea / bathroom defense on the missing WMD since the left wing extremists bought it for Al Gore who knows…..

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