Right-wing Mob Drives Off Protest Warriors

Check out Norm of Onegoodmove’s account and re-hosted video of a hilarious turn of events at the “Cindy Doesn’t Support Us Rally” in Crawford: We don’t do irony.

It seems the good subversives of Protest Warrior, who like to stage counter-demonstrations with signs bearing clever (well, at least they think so) slogans like, “WAR HAS NEVER SOLVED ANYTHING (except for ending slavery, fascism, naziism and communism)”, carried said signs into a pro-Bush rally, and were driven off by angry Bush supporters who mistook them for Cindy Sheehan fans.

The poetic justice is really too, too much. I love the part of the video where they are trying to explain, and one or two of the crowd get it, and are saying to their angry brethren, “No, wait, read the sign, see? They’re on our side.” But the crowd looks at the sign, and squints for a few seconds at the big print (“WAR NEVER SOLVED ANYTHING”), and decides that nope, these smart-ass kids are making fun of us, and screams and yells at them until they’re forced to leave.

If you Protest Warriors want to do humor and irony and subtle/clever mocking, you probably should stick to counter-protesting against us leftists. We may argue with you that you’re wrong, but at least we get the joke.

Face it: You have more in common with us than with them.

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  1. Rise Against Says:

    I think this speaks volumes about a lot of pro-Bush supporters. They only see what they want to see, read what they want to read, and hear what they want to hear. Even when its right in their face!

  2. ethan-p Says:

    Were we under the assumption that Bush supporters were smart before this incident? ;)

    OK, I kid the Bush supporters, I’m sure that they’re of reasonable intelligence…except for the people who push Intelligent Design as science. They’re a bunch of assholes.

    Oh alright, I kid the ID people. They’re alright (but incredibly naive, and are completely ignorant of what real science is). It’s the people who just assumed (and refuse to let go of the false notion) that Saddam Hussein and was working closely with Al Qaeda and was responsible for 9/11/2001. They’re a bunch of fucking fucks.

    Alright, alright — they’re OK too. It’s the war-on-drugs proponents, you know, the Barry McCaffrey types who just pump politically charged bullshit rhetoric about their (failing) war on drugs (the worst of which is “doing x will send the wrong message to our nation’s children”). They’re total fucktards.

    I’m just Joshin’ those people too. Actually — now that I think about it, I’m not. All of the aforementioned groups are pretty assholish. Fuck them for fucking our shit up.

    Yay…ranty vent accomplished.

  3. enkidu Says:

    20% of Americans think the Sun goes around the Earth
    must be the same dolts who think we found them WMDz

    I kinda laughed and cried for a while about that stat…
    ferkrisake folks my 6 year old knows that its turtles all the way down


  4. ymatt Says:

    Haha. I was seriously pissed off on behalf of the protest warrior guys watching that. Nothing worse than complete idiots who are on *your* side of an argument.

    Just in the interest of scientific inquiry, some guys should show up to the Sheehan rally with signs along the lines of “REAL AMERICANS DON’T CUT AND RUN (but real Americans don’t preemptively invade nations either)” and see what happens.

  5. J.A.Y.S.O.N. Says:

    I had to think the whole Protest Warrior thing is kinda funny. To me it points out the ultimate stupidity and futility of public prostest. Unless you’re trying to get laid. The girl on the one poster they sell is kinda hot.

  6. cjh21799 Says:

    Okay, I live in Pensacola, Florida. Last September we were hit with Ivan. If you look at Pensacola Hurricane History or hurricane history in general you will find that hurricanes are cyclical. The Spanish founded a settlement in Pensacola in 1559. Unfortunately hurricane after hurricane hit Pensacola and they left. So officially Pensacola did not become a city until 1822. My point is global warming has nothing to do with hurricanes. In fact if you take an Undergraduate Senior Level course in biogeography you will discover that global warming is hype and myth. The earth is actually still cooling down after the “big bang.” However, if you look at a chart of the earth cooling down it looks like a sharply descending jagged line with sharp jagged peaks. We are in a peak right now, but the earth is still steadily cooling off.
    As far as whose fault the disaster in New Orleans is, the fault is with the local city government of New Orleans and especially its bigot mayor. You’ll find that while he sympathizes with his own “people of color” he takes in money through his back pocket.
    There is a saying in Ecclesiastes that there is a time for everything. Well, there is a time for partying, and there is also a time to use your brain. Unfortunately New Orleans hasn’t been using their brains for a real long time. I live about three hours from that city and everytime I’ve left that city in my rearview mirror I can’t help but think “What a doomed city….” If I were mayor of New Orleans I would have moved all residential areas out of below sea level ground. But hey, it’s all about partying and money. Meanwhile let’s keep the colored people down by not teaching them how to read. Because after all we don’t want them to ever expand their minds and learn what a hurricane is and that they’re living below sea level, because surely, if they ever found out about that they would’ve found some way out of the city. (sarcasm) ~Christina~

  7. cjh21799 Says:

    Enkidu….those 20% must live in New Orleans…..

  8. Sven Says:


    So you got hit with Ivan last year, and then you use some biblical reference to basically say the people of New Orleans had it coming. So why did God hate you last year?

  9. cjh21799 Says:

    I did not mean it like that. Use your brain……PLEASE!!!! That’s all I’m asking of everyone!!!!!

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