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No real time for a proper obsession, being busy with various things, but here is a quick roundup of items on Iraq that I’ve been accumulating for the last week or so, and meant to pass your way:

Finally, let’s end with a few visual notes. First, from Salon, a collection of disturbing images of the sort that, for whatever reason, seldom make it into the mainstream media in the US: Iraq: The unseen war (one-day pass required).

And from the latest issue of The Onion, this informative infographic:

The Onion\'s infographic

Whew. Linking to relevant content in big, soggy bunches since 1996!

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  1. TeacherVet Says:

    The graph from The Onion accounts for only 185% of the U.S. military fatalities in Iraq – what about the rest? John, knowing your penchant for insisting that all data is properly referenced, sans personal opinions…..

  2. jbc Says:

    Heh. Yes, well, it’s from The Onion. They use a higher math.

  3. ymatt Says:

    Well, I don’t think those percentages need be additive. It’s very possible that through Sen. Kerry’s cowardice, actual quagmires were able to kill obese soldiers (which were of course sent by executive order).

  4. Craig Says:

    Some passing comments on the pictures from Salon:

    No surprise that the gruesome picture of various body parts from a suicide bomber doesn’t get splashed onto the front page of USA Today: there are some standards of decency and journalistic judgement that need to rule for media that is readily accessible for ALL members of the population on thousands of news stands. War is hell (and violent and heartless and ugly and unfair and….). Most people do understand that. To me, such pictures border on gratuitous titillation for those who have an interest in things with shock value. They don’t really further advance anyone’s understanding of actions and events.

    My other observation is that selection of pictures with narration makes sure to explain that the dead baby and young girl are the result of US military actions or weaponary. The injured civilian in the rubble is there as a result of a car bomb targeting US contractors. All terrible and ugly scenes to be certain. I’m sure the omission of any scattered body parts of old ladies and children due to an intentional terrorist targeting of a group of innocents at a restaurant or other public setting, which is all too common of an occurance these days, is purely coincidental, what with space limitations and all.

  5. Rise Against Says:

    Interesting article I read today, here’s a snippet…

    He (Bush) speaks of “protecting the homeland, taking the fight to the enemy and advancing freedom.” Certainly, Iraqis and Afghans are better off with democracy, than despotism. But the Iraq invasion does nothing to protect the United States. And it takes the fight to an enemy that wasn’t there before the invasion.

    Bush continues to float the bogus notion that Iraq and 9/11 are linked. In fact, there is no evidence that the Al Qaeda attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, had any connection with Iraq. He mentioned 9/11 no fewer than five times to the war vets, and seven times when he spoke to the National Guard.

    Americans are recoiling from this self-serving muddying of the waters.

    They want to know why Osama bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Omar are still on the loose, four years after 9/11.

    They want to know when Bush expects the new regimes in Baghdad and Kabul will be strong enough to survive without help. How many Iraqi and Afghan soldiers must be in the field before U.S. forces can begin to withdraw? What’s the plan for securing the borders of Iraq and Afghanistan against infiltration from outside? What are the next steps to neutralize Afghan warlords and to suppress Iraqi insurgents?

    These are not unreasonable questions. They invite Bush to set out benchmarks by which the public can judge his performance, before the Congressional mid-term elections. Unfortunately, he wants none of it.

    Little wonder growing numbers of Americans feel trapped in a Vietnam-like morass, led by a president whose inflexible rhetoric sounds hollow and who cannot tell them where these wars are going. Bush promises “victory.” But what does victory mean, and how will it be measured?

    Americans just don’t know. Two in three want the troops out next year. One in three wants them out today.

    Read the whole thing @


  6. Rise Against Says:

    If anyone seen John Stewart last night (Thursday) he gave a very passionate, well, rant I guess about how is sick of being labelled a traitor or un-patriotic whenever you question this admin. who clearly won’t admit mistakes when clearly they made numerous and how Bush simply spews out the same old tired rhetoric and will not answer reasonable questions from adults.

    Did anyone else see that, I thought it was bang on and very passionate.

  7. enkidu Says:

    for the best in Daily Show clips (etc)
    JS rocks – he allows me to stay sane in an insane world
    it is to laugh (or I must cry and rend my clothes, pull my hair from its roots and surrender to madness… ie vote Republican)

  8. Rise Against Says:

    Thanks for that link enkidu, thats a keeper!!

  9. enkidu Says:

    also in that same vein:

    mb not as good as onegoodmove (I like Norm’s style)

    Jah! Pastafari!

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