Fred Brito: Con Man

I enjoyed this article in the LA Times the other day, and feel like I’d be remiss if I didn’t link to it from, the weblog-of-record for shameless deception: Fred’s storied career (login required, cypherpunk98/cypherpunk works).

Brito, 49, has spent his adult life using aliases and phony credentials to pull off one elaborate deception after another. He has lied his way into jobs as a Catholic priest, a youth counselor for a foster care agency and executive director of the National Kidney Foundation of Southern California, among many others. He once convinced a judge he was a psychiatrist in order to testify in a friend’s criminal trial.

With the Times’ web-hostile archive policy, the story won’t be there for long, but it’s available for now.

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  1. ethan-p Says:

    The guy in that picture looks like a guy I just hired…maybe that is hi…d’oh!

  2. Fred Brito Says:

    My name is Fred Brito. I am the subject of the of the Los Angeles Times Column One Story of 8/17/05.

    While I know many people will have their doubts about this story, I can say that it is accurate. However, the Times Editors left the most important part on the editing room floor.

    In a nutshell… 70 thousand inmates are parole or released from U.S. prisons each and every day. Some have dreams and hopes of coming home and reconnecting to society in the right way. Some have families, children and like me, I have ailing parents that I am responsible to ensure that they have what they need.

    However, when a person with a criminal record like myself engages in seeking employment, society is not very receptive. After a while of looking for an honest job and having the door slammed in your face, the writing on the wall becomes larger than life.

    In most cases ex-cons who have had no success in seeking a job will become frustrated and give up. The next step is what returns them to prison. Lost hopes and lost dreams turn an ex-con back to old familiar ways. Crime.

    In my case I chose NOT to revert to further crimes. By creating a false resume, I was able to get some of this country’s best high-level position that paid well over $100,000. per year. While I worked hard and in many cases moved the organization from the red to the black, I was never fired for doing my job. Only for getting the job in the first place by providing a doctored resume.

    I chose not to become homeless, or a burden to society. I chose to work. If society would not hire me because I have a criminal record, I did what I had to do to survive. And that is what this is all about… SURVIVAL.

    Society feels that I was wrong to get so many well paying jobs by providing a doctored resume. But society is also failing to give people like me a chance to rebuild our lives and become a contributing member of society.

    If you think about it…. the national crime is raising in part because ex-felons commit 68% of the crimes. Why? because society won’t give us a chance. So it is clear to me that if society is complaining about the high crime rate and the high cost of incarcerating criminals in prisons, then maybe we need to rethink what we can do as people to give people like me a chance instead of slamming the door in our faces when we try our best to seek a job.

    Granted, not all ex-felons are focused on getting a job… but I assure you, 50% of us are.

    So really it is up to you Mr. Mrs. Society. I came out with my story to not only unmask myself, but to also explain that society does share a responsibility to be less judgmental and more open to giving people a chance.

    When the judge sentenced me, I was not sentenced to a lifetime of living on the street, or begging once released from prison. I paid my debt to society… now I just want to get a job like everyone else.

    I have great talent and many skills. I have proved this by being so successful in many of the jobs that I have held.

    My story is about a man who screwed his life up pretty good. But now wants to get his life back on the right track. I know that I have to earn your trust and respect… but how long do I have to kiss the feet of society before I am given a chance. Until that happens, I will do what I can to bring awareness to this national tragedy. Maybe I have found my true calling. If so, I will become a vibrant advocate for change, and I have the energy to do it too.

    Media Update:

    You can see more of my story in many upcoming National television News Magazines shows on CBS, NBC and ABC now in production.

    In addition to a number of newspaper interviews from national press agencies across America and the UK.

    If you would like more information, you can contact me at:


    Fred Brito

  3. John Edward Talmadge Says:

    PLEASE don’t believe this conman, or continue to allow him to promote himself and his career of lies. As he writes the “redemptive” message above, he continues to pawn himself off as other personalities with new names on the online Yahoo lists in Northeast Los Angeles where he lives — “Gabriel Hayes”, “Harrison Winsolw”, “Fred Brito-Gomez” and on and on.

    On this same list just this week it was revealed that he has a 25-year-history as a sexual predator of underage males, the most recent attempt just last month in this same area of Los Angeles, he would “mentor” a 16-year-old, until his parents threatened legal remedies.

    LIES is the right name for this site, if you allow him to seek new victims here.

  4. John Edward Talmadge Says:

    Visit this moderated list, for proof of the above:

  5. Fred Brito Says:

    I only have one answer to this loon name John Edward Talmadge. If I am such a monster as you create me to be. Why then have I never been convicted of sexual or violent crimes? Should you continue this bazaar behavior people would begin to think that you are a desperate man out to stir the nation against others. You are a hateful person who’s only destiney in life is to perpetrate hate. You really should see a Psychiatrist. You need some help old man. After repeated invitations to visit me at my home to address your manic fascinations, you failed to do so. Yet you do the cowardly thing and post after post that reflects your utter stupidity. Bring your concerns to my home… after all we do live very close to each other. That is the right thing to do old man. I have no stone to cast at you, for I have managed to hang on to some sort of intelligence. Should you have more stones to throw at me I hope you will do it face to face. It is not only the smartest thing that you would have ever done, but it would certainly move you to Human Being status.

    ~Fred Brito

  6. ethan-p Says:

    I have a few minutes to kill and feel like sounding off on this one.

    It’s a real bummer about the stigma attached to having any kind of criminal record. I have friends who have had a hard time finding good work with a misdemeanor or two on their record. I could only imagine how difficult it must be to find work as a convicted felon. I share Mr. Brito’s sentiment on the unfairness of our society, and how those who have served time are never treated as though they have paid their debt to society.

    That being said, I cannot condone “doctoring” a resume (or totally fabricating a resume) in order to get a job. While not illegal, it is unethical. Where I work, fabricating a resume or references would be grounds for immediate termination. I fully understand this policy. If an employee needs to lie to get their foot in the door, what guarantee does an employer have that the employee will represent their company with any integrity at all? If I owned a business, I would have a similar policy with very few (if any) exceptions.

    By consistently getting caught in lies, how can a person like Mr. Brito be trusted by employers at all? It doesn’t really show that a person has actually reformed. On the contrary, it shows that a person is a liability as an employee.

    Again, I understand that convicted felons get a bum rap. I am unable to offer a solution to this problem. However, creating a trail of lies catches up with a person. If I were terminated from a string of jobs for integrity problems, it also creates a stigma in the business world. It seems like Brito is now creating his own problems by getting caught in legal cons.

  7. lacircle Says:

    john edward talmadge…what is your email address please. I’d like to contact you directly about your comments on Mr. Brito. Thank you

  8. MatthewC Says:

    I just watched NBC Night Line Tuesday and would just like to say that Josh Mankieswicz is a BIG FAT DOUCEBAG. That video was highly edited and notably inconsistent. Fred Brito is a genius, even if he is a misguided one. Even though he is labeled a criminal, he has done more for the people of his community(ies) than people would like to admit. Even though Fred had access to millions of dollars during his time with charitable organizations, he never stole from them. That speaks volumes of his character, for it is not who a man is inside, but what he does that defines him. Sure he faked a few resumes, but who hasn’t? Cut the man some slack people, he didn’t intentionally hurt anyone. He just wanted a fresh start, a start that Douchie MankiesDICK wouldn’t let him have. Oh and that guy from the red cross was a really animal sodomizer, too.

  9. brentducharme Says:

    I saw this program on Fred Brito. Wow, this little weasel really exposed himself as a man who really doesn’t get it. What’s ever sadder (and sicker) is that he seems almost proud of what he’s done. He can only be properly described as a psychopath and a bottom-feeder. If you see him coming, call the police or the psych ward. One way or another, he needs to be locked up for good.

  10. irianna Says:

    The fact remains that Fred Brito has done more good for underprivileged and vicimized citizens in his life than most any other single man by himself. So what if someone has to renew their vows.. it’s not the end of the world. Kudos to MatthewC.
    As far as NBC Night Line goes.. So many people already know they’re notorious for misleading (if not out right lying) to the people they “pay” to drag through the mud. Misleading also constitutes dishonesty. If someone says they are trying to turn their life around.. who is NBC to announce to the world not to bother with the references.. and not to give him a chance?
    This world is so full of hate, especially when it comes to media. It’s well known that the media lives on the misfortune and down-fall of others, which for some sick reason seems to draw in the sickos out there who also get off on hate.
    I wish all the the luck and highest good in Mr. Brito.
    All you haters should go hate eachother.. it’s what you probably do best.

  11. chica_bonita_5683 Says:

    I watched a story on Fred Brito today on Dr. Phil. It’s really hard to tell if he is really sincere or if he is just lying to make people feel sorry for him. He does have a point though about the working world. No one wants to hire a felon…I know that I wouldn’t. Some of the jobs were a lot worse to doctor the resumes for. The wedding that he performed and the psychiatrist patients he dealt with were taking money on false pretenses. Now the ones that he was paid for showing up, that was a bit closer to “honest money.” Right now he is writing two books to raise money for the real foundations that he has started. Dr. Phil made him a deal that if he really did write these books, he would bring him back to talk about them and himself honestly. I do have to say that this “John Edward Talmadge” needs to do some real research. Fred Brito’s alias’ were always close to his real name, so all of those that you posted were not correct. Zero cases of luring boys or whatever was mentioned. I don’t know how you can call that site proof. It’s a group…that means that anyone can write whatever they want in there. That’s kind of like trusting Wikipedia as a reliable source. Overall, Mr. Brito, I hope that this time you are being honest and trying to get yourself back on track. Good luck!

  12. changeslady Says:

    I also, watched the Dr. Phil show and Mr. Brito seems to be a confused person. I think he is actually lying to himself. He is making excuses for his actions and then he is also jusifying his actions by believing he is doing good. In watching Mr. Brito and his answers and responses to Dr. Phil it seems he IS actually proud of his deception and that is what makes me think he needs some help. I don’t know all the cons that Mr. Brito committed but he might be a dangerous person given the chance. Mr. Brito should try to get with a good doctor and work through this problem. No amount of good will make up for deceptive methods. If Mr. Brito truly has changed then why didn’t he offer to immediatly make some restitution to the couple he hurt and took money from? Actions don’t lie!

  13. Adult Christianity TM | Says:

    […] Fred Brito, the self-described “benevolent con,” masqueraded as a priest, taking confessions and performing weddings. While his congregants might feel rightly ripped off, I have to wonder: they’re disappointed because he impersonated a priest? Wouldn’t that be like feeling ripped off because the guy dressed up like Santa Claus isn’t really Santa Claus? Aren’t all priests impersonators? Con men like Fred Brito wouldn’t be able to rip anyone off if he didn’t have an audience, schooled in gullibility from cradle to grave. Without the gullible, grasping for something for nothing, there would be no Fred Britos. Fred Brito MySpace Profile Fred Brito Topix Member Profile and Blog Posted by: miss_poppy on Sep 17, 07 | 4:53 pm [0] add or read comments (0 views) |  | link […]

  14. 24ponderosa Says:

    all fred brito really is, is just a reminder of how NOT to be. I know I’ve been there and done that. But it scared me to know that I could be his age and have done nothing with my life so that is why I now make it a point to tell the truth. Fred Brito is nothing but a loser and has played “poor me” in hopes that society will feel sorry for him. A very good example of an ex-convict turnng his life around is Jeff Henderson, the executive cheff at Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas. When he was released from federal prison for drug trafficking, he had goals and met them. Jeff Henderson told every employer he was in prison. And eventually he got a job. If he could do it then so could others. So Fred Brito is not a hero but a con that will continue to play “poor me”.

  15. wazzup Says:

    Once a con always a con. You will never know who you really are.

  16. wazzup Says:

    People earned money and put in banks, law firms, etc. You have decided it belonged to you. Dont RIP

  17. wazzup Says:

    acting like a priest??? ccome on. May you burn in Hades

  18. wazzup Says:


  19. Julie Says:

    Brito seems to have histrionic personality disorder. He is what he is: a conman, liar and thief. But above all his desperate need for attention is a bottomless pit. He wants to be admired and glorified for what he imagines is his gifted genius and if he sometimes is humiliated during this life long process, that’s ok too. His number one goal is always attention and being noticed.

    Unfortunately personality disordered people cannot change because personality is hard coded in each one of us. A very small number of them are capable of becoming self aware. A very small percentage of those people are able to work towards correcting or at least repressing some of their behavior.

    Another observation is that personality disorders such as Brito’s show that he lacks compassion for others. He doesn’t seem to care that he has harmed others and in fact pats himself on the back for the damage he has done, justifying it. While narcissists and psychopaths don’t have the necessary hardware to feel for others, histrionics tend to have some small capacity to do so in some situations. For the most part however, histrionics feel nothing when others suffer or are in pain. They are emotionally flat in this regard.

    Histrionics learn well how to mimic compassion and trick others into thinking they really care. Brito often reminds us of what a great actor he is and his record speaks for itself. The term histrionic itself comes from ancient Greek and its Latin meaning is “acting”.

    Anyone who believes Brito has changed and is trying to do good does not have a clear understanding of the mindset of this man or is otherwise in denial. It is not easy to understand this type of personality because on the surface they can seem very warm, gentle, thoughtful, sensitive, etc, and quite often more so than the average person. They are also very skilled at logically talking their way around things and can justify anything. They know how to access weaknesses and vulnerabilities in people (many of whom are otherwise highly intelligent) and deceive them if they say just the right things. Brito does mention this himself.

    You can believe anything you want about Brito but just make sure your eyes are wide open.

  20. Faust833 Says:

    Fred Brito is right. I admire his strength, courage and talent. Fred spoke the TRUTH in his original post. He spoke the truth where it matters and you can clearly see that by all the responses.

    I’m not taking up for Fred because I’m an Ex-Con, but because I too know what it feels like to be judged, but that’s beside the point. Society is too quick to judge people because of their past. I believe in second chances.

    If they would enact a law that would MAKE society give ex-cons (Non-Violent/Sexual) a second chance, that would cut CRIME in this country by one third. Never judge a book by it’s color, I mean cover.

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