Podcast 6

Just when you thought it was safe: podcast 6.

I recorded this one in my car driving down for last Thursday’s Devo concert. No music or found audio; just me doing the stream-of-consciousness thing re:

  • the use of “random” as a pejorative term
  • the Bush administration’s visible elephant with the Plame outing
  • a few anecdotes from my history as a geeky Devo fanboy
  • skepticism and credulity re: bouncy balls and Art Lad
  • working the graveyard shift
  • offshore sailboat racing at odd hours


2 Responses to “ Podcast 6”

  1. ymatt Says:

    Hah. Interesting little digression into being in The Zone while programming. I tend to do that with all kinds of work: programming, CAD work, illustration etc, and do my best work after hours. It feels like there’s a section of my brain that normaly provides a constant background hum of neural feedback and self-analysis that helps me deal with the world around me that I shut off when doing that kind of work. Often music helps “distract” it, but other times I can lock it out with just determined focus.

    But I find I’m really agitated when I’m broken out of that state and tend, in retrospect, to be immediately rude and inarticulate. I’ve had to apologize to my wife a couple times for pulling a “WHAT.” when she taps my shoulder and explain what was going on inside my head. It makes me wonder about the semi-autistic tendencies of people that do well with very detailed focused work. I wonder if we learn to selectively ignore the part of our brains that isn’t developed in the autistic.

  2. Sven Says:

    That was one “burly” podcast. The use of the word “random” reminds me of some terminology used by a certain “renegade” in years past. So was Devo still “awesome” after all these years?

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