Robert Novak’s Head Explodes on CNN

So, apparently Robert Novak, appearing with James Carville on a live CNN talking-heads show, decided to throw a mini-tantrum, calling some actually-pretty-mild-by-Carville-standards digs at Kathleen Harris “bullshit,” then storming out of the studio while the cameras rolled. The CNN moderator, Ed Henry, said at the end of the segment that he had been planning to ask Novak questions about the Plame outing, and had told Novak that before the program, so maybe that explains why Novak would act out in such a bizarre manner: it was an excuse to get out of the interview before he had to answer uncomfortable questions. It reminds me, in that sense, of Bill O’Reilly’s tantrum while being interviewed by Terry Gross.

Anyway, links:

* OneGoodMove has the priceless clip with Jon Stewart’s reaction: Novak flips out- Daily Show version.

* Crooks and Liars has more video, and a round-up of bloggy commentary: Novak freaks on the set!

* Particularly interesitng to me was the speculation at Joshua Micah Marshall’s TPM Cafe: Novak.

* From Fishbowl DC, on CNN’s putting Novak on hiatus post-outburst: ‘Time off’ for Novak after ‘bulllshit’.

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