Specifics on Abu Ghraib Death-by-Torture

Here’s a page-one story from today’s Washington Post with nasty details about an Iraqi general who apparently was wrapped inside a sleeping bag and beaten to death by US Army interrogators at Abu Ghraib: Documents tell of brutal improvisation by GIs.

This was in November, 2003, the time when new-and-improved interrogation techniques were being imported from Guantanamo so we could shut down the Iraqi insurgency once and for all.

Whew. I’m sure glad we had the balls to do what was needed back then. Otherwise, we might still be fighting the insurgency today.

Oh, wait.

P.S. Sorry for the long posting hiatus. I’m back now.

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  1. Shmatriot Says:

    someone remind me again how moral we are compared to saddam and his minions, or to the insurgents. please. i’m desperately trying to replace the feeling of nausea this gave me with a pink, shiny coating of smug certitude.

  2. ethan-p Says:


    Contrary to what both the Bush administration and our terrorist adversaries contend…moral absolutes tend to be complete bullshit. Also contrary to a position that both the Bush administration and our terrorist adversaries seem to hold…the ends rarely justify the means. (Not to make unfair comparisons, but they do both seem to have similar views on the two subjects)

    Let me turn this around for a second. You’re not saying that we could assume the moral higher ground in war against Iraq before the torture allegations?


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