Blumenthal on Rove/Plame

Former Clinton advisor Sydney Blumenthal has a detailed article on Rove’s ongoing PR counter-attack in the Plame-outing case: Rove’s war (one-day pass required):

Rove is fighting his war as though it will be settled in a court of Washington pundits. Brandishing his formidable political weapons, he seeks to demonstrate his prowess once again. His corps of agents raises a din in which their voices drown out individual dissidents. His frantic massing of forces dominates the capital by winning the communications battle. Indeed, Rove may succeed momentarily in quelling the storm. But the stillness may be illusory. Before the prosecutor, Rove’s arsenal is useless.

Blumenthal makes the same point I made a couple of days ago: At this point, everything depends on Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor investigating the case. I could see this easily going either way: Fitzgerald announces that he’s been unable to find evidence that a crime was committed, the Bushies crow, and we lefties are left to grumble about it. Or Fitzgerald comes out with indictments, and maybe not just under the narrow statute about knowingly outing an undercover agent, but perhaps going as far as alleging a high-level criminal conspiracy operating from within the White House.

It all comes down to Fitzgerald.

Within a few months I’ll know what happened. On some level I envy that me-of-the-future. He knows something about the world I’m living in today that I don’t know, and wish I did. Of course, it may be that that future self will look back on the me of today and envy my current ignorance.

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  1. ymatt Says:

    He could also bring you a bunch of winning race horse names and a sweet hoverboard!

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