Rove/Plame Omnibus Post

It’s someting of a media feeding frenzy out there today. Some of the high points in the coverage of my latest obsession:

The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz has a blog-style roundup of Rove reporting: Frog-marching time for Rove? Similarly, Dan Froomkin also does a roundup: Plame, by any other name.

Sticking with the WaPo, Dana Milbank has this: Spokesman holds tongue during intense grilling.

At the NY Times, Richard W. Stevenson: At White House, a day of silence on Rove’s role in C.I.A. leak. From the Associated Press, Pete Yost: White House won’t comment on Rove, leak.

Unsigned editorials/opinion pieces critical of the stonewall are available from the San Francisco Chronicle (The Karl Rove connection) and from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (White House leaks: A serious security matter).

Finally, Billmon has a good round-up of relevant administration quotations during the history of the affair: Vouching for Karl.


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