Clear Language Breeds Clear Thought

Or I could say “the use of non-obscuring verbiage causes those who use it to clarify their internal dialogue”.

I’d never before read Orwell’s Politics and the English Language. It’s an excellent piece of perspective, as typical for Orwell. When we use language that lacks concreteness and relies on near-meaningless common turns of phrase, we begin thinking in those terms. Similarly when we allow politicians, leaders of business, or religious leaders to speak in poor metaphor or worn-out idiom, we can only expect to be misled.

The examples Orwell uses are often outdated, but look again at phrases like “freedom is on the march” and those who speak them after reading this. Reading and writing clear consicse sentences feels good and we all, myself absolutely included, could use some practice.

2 Responses to “Clear Language Breeds Clear Thought”

  1. ymatt Says:

    … and no, this isn’t levelled at you, jbc. :)

  2. wbmichael Says:

    This is a topic that has been troubling to me for a little while. I find myself to be a very fuzzy and clumsy thinker. Admittedly because I’m also a lazy reader. What steps would anyone here recomend in order to begin thinking more clearly?


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