Angels with Attitude — And Scarybig Eyeballs

Via Boing Boing, check out the winners of this little-kid photographic beauty contest: Photo Contest Winners. Per the contest rules, “These should be professional pictures, but should not be extremely or overly retouched.”

Uh huh.

I’ve got news for the people running this contest: either your contestants are ignoring the no-excessive-retouching rule, or we are in the midst of a silent epidemic of little kids with ginormous eyeballs.

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  1. Rise Against Says:


    It looks like half of those kids are high on speed! I have never seen eyes that wide open in my life. Looking at the pictures kinda saddens me in a way however. Perhaps it’s because they’re so huge, but I can see pain in a lot of those eyes.

    JBC – I like how you stick these off-beat posts amongst the truly disturbing ones. The laughter makes things a little less depressing. The “eye of sauron” post was excellent as well.

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