Disenfranchisedmusic’s How Many Lies

Courtesy Norm of Onegoodmove, I enjoyed listening to Disenfranchisedmusic’s How Many Lies? (mp3 file).

It’s white-boy rap, basically, by a pissed-off Bush hater. Definite parental advisory sticker for rude lyrics; don’t listen if you find that kind of thing offensive.

The beginning is a bit off-putting; the first line (“How many lies can an asshole tell? Before we wise up and throw him in a prison cell?”) doesn’t seem to promise much in the way of originality or artistic merit. But somehow, for me at least, about halfway through it really started working. It isn’t the lyrics, so much, which are pretty much what you’d expect, but rather the way the singer delivers them. He gets to this place where there’s a brutal honesty to his voice, not so much about how lame Bush is (which, again, isn’t anything new), but about the reaction that Bush’s words produce in him.

Anyway, if you’ve ever yelled “bullshit!” back at your radio or television in response to some outrageous Bush statement, you’ll relate.

Hm. Maybe I’ll write and see if they’ll license it for inclusion in a podcast. Would be an excuse for me to do another one of those, anyway.

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