Best Nine Minutes of Daily Show Evar

Actually, I don’t think I can really support the above title; there’s been a lot of amazingly good Daily Show. But these nine minutes, as archived by Fair-Use Man (aka Norm of Onegoodmove), are up there: Words.

I guess the main reason this clip doesn’t rank up there quite as high, in my estimation, as the “as much of a dick in real life” Tucker Carlson baiting (which, technically speaking, wasn’t even Daily Show proper) or the time the Republican Congressman from Texas gave Jon the baby-sized boots with “GOP Rocks” on the soles, is that the degree of difficulty wasn’t very high. In the context of the silliness on Iraq that Cheney and Rumsfeld have been spouting lately, the jokes pretty much write themselves. Low-hanging fruit, and all that.

Oh, and that reminds me: Ed Helms in Speedos, with the “ball cam.” So yeah, “best nine minutes evar” is a stretch. But it’s still awfully good. Go thou and viewest! Yea, unto the twelfth viewing shalt thou view!

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