Beinert on Leaving Iraq

Peter Beinert tells it like it is on the early-exit option: Shake up the war room.

President Bush famously hates admitting mistakes. And he generally plays to his base. But on Iraq, those instincts are driving his administration off a cliff. The vast majority of Democrats, and most independents, now think Iraq was a mistake. And the calls for withdrawal are moving from the fringes of American politics to the center.

Congressional Democrats must resist those calls. As retired Gen. Anthony Zinni, a fierce critic of the war, recently explained, even a timetable for withdrawal is a terrible idea.

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  1. Rise Against Says:

    Since there isn’t yet a post for last night’s same old tired speech, I thought I would post a word count as seen from Dissents’ blog. Take note on the word count of the last 3…

    Terror, Terrorism, Terrorists 33
    Free, Freedom 29
    Security 16
    Defend, Protect 15
    Election, Vote, Polls 10
    Mission 9
    Killers, Murderers 9
    New York, September 11th 7
    War 7
    Insurgents 6
    Violence 6
    Democracy, Democratic 5
    Liberty, Liberate 4
    Attack 4
    Dissent 1
    WMD 0
    Exit Strategy 0
    Mission Accomplished 0

  2. Winston Says:

    I ahve just come to find this site in a search. Lots of information, talking about all the lies, but I puzzelled. Only Rebublicans lie! Democrats are truthfull, sincere and upright. Honestly if this is true then this site is the only lie. When we as people are unhappy with the political powers of our day, the Republicans and the president it is easy for us to focus on their lies, but if we cannot see our own and judge them ven more harshly then we live a lie too.

  3. jbc Says:

    Where on this site does it say that only Republicans lie? If you look back in the site’s older archives, to pieces dating to the Clinton presidency, you’ll find (gasp!) articles discussing his lies, too.

    There’s a lot of discussion of Republican lies here because there are a lot of Republican lies. And there are Democrat lies, too, and lies of no particular party affiliation, and we talk about those as well. Lately, for me at least, the lies of the Bush administration have tended to outweigh those other lies in terms of their significance, so yeah, I talk about them a lot. But sure, Democrats lie, too. If they had any actual power in the federal government these days, those lies might rise more frequently to the level of importance justifying my obsessive interest.

  4. Rise Against Says:

    Yes most politicans will lie, thats pretty much a fact across the political spectrum. It’s just when people start getting seriously hurt and thousands die over lies they tend to attract a little more attention and heated discussion.

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