Buy Sven’s Arnold DVDs

From valued contributor Sven:

In honor of $chwarzenegger’s 80 million dollar “special election” announcement today, Jenny and I have decided to sell our entire collection of Arnold movies on Ebay:

3 Responses to “Buy Sven’s Arnold DVDs”

  1. Rise Against Says:

    Hey I don’t really know you Sven, but I really admire your convictions. Keep up the good fight buddy!

  2. macromayhem Says:

    This is a calling we must all answer!

    Sell your Arnold Schwarzenegger movies!!! Terminate the Governator!

  3. Sven Says:

    OK. So I’m a rookie at Ebay, and made a mistake in listing. I didn’t realize that no one searching for “Terminator” could find my listing as plural “3 Terminators”in the title of my listing, thus almost no one was hitting it except perhaps a few people. My apologies to Aaron somebody (if you are out there) for your 99ยข bid, but I relisted the item and made it better:

    Now I’ve made it so 100% of the sale donated to the NEA

    Starting price: a mere penny!

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