The Latest from My Obsession with the Senate Report of Prewar Intelligence on Iraq

So, the reason I’ve been kind of lax about posting lately, while simultaneously willing to engage for page after page with Craig in the comments to the items on the Downing Street memo, can be revealed: I’ve been plowing most of my free time into revising and expanding the Wikipedia article on the Senate report of pre-war intelligence on Iraq.

Check out this photo I snagged from to illustrate the article:

Colin Powell displays a vial of anthrax during his presentation to the UN security council, February 5, 2003

That’s Colin Powell waving the vial of anthrax at his UN Security Council presentation on February 5, 2003. I love how you’ve basically got the whole WMD conspiracy theory in one image: Powell trading on the shreds of his credibility to try to sell the bogus intel to the world, watched by George Tenet, point-man on the bogosity, and John Negroponte, eventual inheritor of the bogosity, by virtue of his appointment to the new “director of national intelligence” uber-spook position that was created in the reforms resulting from the blowing up of the intel.

A cool thing about Wikipedia (probably the cool thing about it) is the way it strives for a neutral point of view (abbreviated NPOV by wikipedians) on controversial subjects like this. So Craig, here’s your opportunity to save the world from the bias that is the inevitable result of my Bush hatred: Go thou and edit likewise, fixing the article where I’ve crossed the line into advocacy, and inserting the material I’ve overlooked.

Or not. But the opportunity’s there, and in a venue that is explicitly committed to countering the kind of bias you’ve pointed out in my writing here, policed by third parties dedicated to producing a fair outcome.

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