The Pleasure of Steve Martin’s Company

So, I’m screwing up my courage to begin Seriously Writing a Book (again). And I think (for me at least) this is a little like a mother deciding to have another child: Sufficient time since the first birth has to have elapsed for the memory of the pain and inconvenience to have faded, and you have to have enough happy memories of snuggling with the kid or watching her laugh or whatever to overcome the ones about how hard it was to make the damn thing and push it out. (Or not. I could be completely talking out my ass here, being blessedly male.)

Where was I? Oh, right. Anyway, you may have noticed that Steve Martin writes books (and essays) these days. Here’s an item from The Believer, in which herself-an-author Meghan Daum interviews him about a bunch of stuff, including what it’s like for him to write books: Interview with Steve Martin.

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