Media Bias, Beyond Left vs. Right

I continue to boggle at the wrangling back and forth over whether the media has a bias to the left or right. We’re all seeing the same thing: they’re getting lazy. The media organism is leaving behind the competetive wild of searching out the news at the source and is turning itself in to less dangerous captivity, with regular feedings of partisan talking points and corporate messaging.

I try to avoid linking to slashdot items, but this Paul Graham article points out how PR firms feed the media outlets convenient “facts” that get out their customers’ messages. Especially creepy is the example of handing a hard, but easily mis-usable, fact to a media outlet, then using it as proof to make a point in a later spoon-fed article.

This is the same tendency we’re seeing in the political arena. It’s a lot easier to cover the red vs. blue board game than the real issues, people, and events of the day. Guys, stop hurting America.

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