New Theme, Various Things Broken

ymatt did some more awesome CSS-slinging on our collective behalf, and the result is now before you: the Kubrick-derived theme.

Some things are broken in the new version of the site. Some of them turn out to have been broken in the old version of the site, too, since the upgrade to WordPress 1.5; I just hadn’t noticed before now. Among the things that are broken, and that I intend to fix:

  • The graphic header isn’t linking to the site’s top-level page.
  • Only 20 posts are being shown on any archive page, with no working link being given to view more of them.
  • The “Previous” links above and below certain pages are giving 404 errors when you try to follow them.
  • There’s no explicit permalink link being given for each item on archive pages.
  • The blogroll and contact info pages aren’t being linked to from the template sidebar.
  • Categories aren’t being displayed in alphabetical order in the sidebar.
  • The old, circular category icons aren’t being used (though I’m currently debating with various interested parties whether this is a bug or a feature).

(Update: And now, all of those except the last one have been fixed, I believe.)

Those are all the things I know about as of now. Please add any that you notice using the comments (assuming that isn’t broken, too). Thanks.

Everything should be spiffy soon. Please just bear with me.

Oh, and I wanted to include the very cool original image that ymatt used to make the new header:

Oliver North and Brendan Sullivan

For you young whippersnappers who don’t know your recent history, that’s Oliver North conferring with his lawyer, Brendan “What am I, a potted plant?” Sullivan.

11 Responses to “New Theme, Various Things Broken”

  1. ymatt Says:

    Also broken is that the site design contains absolutely no official Lies Pink ™. Who’s with me?!

    We ran through a number of versions of the site, so if anybody thinks something looks just wrong or would prefer the site more minimal or would rather it all be in animated flash, feel free to let me know and I probably won’t make fun of you.

  2. jbc Says:

    Some of the above-listed problems have been fixed. Remaining issues I’m aware of at this point:

    The old, circular category icons aren’t being used.

    Also, hossman emailed the following to me:

    1) the font size of the right nav is really, really small. you might want
    to just leave it the same size as the regular text.

    2) having a fixed page width of 760 tends to be really frustrating when
    your browser is significantly bigger (most of the screen winds up being
    blank) or significantly smaller (the text all gets choped off)

    i don’t suppose you’ve considered tweaking the theme to be strechy?

  3. hossman Says:

    dude, debuging the cat list nav on the live site … i love it.

    “I’m here with sort_column value of name”

    “in list_cats with sort_column value of name in the hide_empty block in the dont-count block”

    …reminds me of the good old days of web development at my company, where you’ deploy something, and then click reload real fast to see if it worked, and if it didn’t you’d copy the old file back as fast as freaking possible.

  4. jbc Says:

    Heh. Yeah. I spent a couple of seconds trying to figure out how to print my debugging info to the error log rather than to the live site, and then said ah, screw it. It’s only PHP, after all; people expect it to be funky.

    Anyway, I tracked down what was doing that. On the hardcoded-vs.-stretchy widths, I’m of two minds. Normally I’m all about the content, and wouldn’t want to force a particular page geometry on the reader, but I dunno; it is kind of nice to have a sense of what the thing’s going to lay out like.

    The itty-bitty type in the sidebar is more of a concern to me. But I think I’m going to just leave all that stuff up to ymatt’s aesthetic judgement.

  5. hossman Says:

    Also broken is that the site design contains absolutely no official Lies Pink ™. Who’s with me?!

    i don’t remember exactly what shade Lies Pink ™ was, but perhaps changing the
    all the uses of #F5F5F5 to something like #FFE0FF wold be a subtle way to retain “our roots”

  6. hossman Says:

    One slightly confusing thing i’ve just noticed:

    The category archive pages list items from newest to oldest.
    The date archive pages list items from oldest to newest.

    not sure if that is the desired behavior.

  7. adam_blust Says:

    I really like the new design. Good work.

  8. Rise Against Says:

    Me too!! Great job.

    The only thing I’m concerned about is that I think the conservatives can’t figue out how to use the new site, and I won’t be able to bash TeacherVet anymore!!

  9. TeacherVet Says:

    Rise Against, if it makes your day to respond to logical argument with simple vulgarity, bash away, bash away, bash away all. I was subjected to much greater verbal abuse during basic training, so perhaps I became hardened to it – your efforts are ineffective by comparison, but if you’re impressed by your own debate skills, knock yourself out.

  10. Rise Against Says:

    TeahcerVet – By bash you , I meant crush your false points and Dubya regurgetation that so often spews from your mouth. I would never personally insult you as a person, just your words and actions, thats all.

  11. Patriot Says:

    that wasnt the case with me either Rise Against

    nice professional-looking design.

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