Bacevich: No Victory in Iraq

Here’s a great opinion piece from Andrew J. Bacevich. It ran in the LA Times opinion section today; with a suitable web-hostile login you can read it (for now) here: We aren’t fighting to win anymore.

…following the heady assault on Baghdad, the conflict took an unexpected turn — precisely as wars throughout history have tended to do. As a consequence, today a low-tech enemy force estimated at about 10,000 fighters has stymied the mightiest military establishment the world has ever seen. To be sure, the adversary cannot defeat us militarily. But neither can we defeat it. In short, U.S. troops today are no longer fighting to win, but simply to buy time: This has become the Bush administration’s substitute for victory. Worse, in a war such as in Iraq, time is more likely to work in the other guy’s favor.

Whether this reality has yet to fully sink in with the majority of the American people is unclear. No doubt President Bush hopes the citizenry will continue to snooze. Better to talk about Social Security reform and banning gay marriage than to call attention to the unhappy fact that we are spending several billion dollars per month and losing, on average, two soldiers per day — not to prevail but simply to prolong the stalemate. Moreover, if the administration gets its way, we can expect that expenditure of blood and treasure to continue for many months, until there emerges an Iraqi government able to fend for itself or Iraq descends into chaos.

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  1. ponyboy Says:

    Wow, very interesting. I really agree with how if anything, this war has exposed American military weaknesses. Maybe thats why Iran and Syria remain so defiant toward the US, they know the US can’t beat them.

    Rise Against

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